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Dushyant's Linux Book

The administrator of this website is Mr. Dushyant Tyagi

Dushyant Welcomes you to the future website..


we believe that all the GNU/Linux enthusiasts must know every aspect of the Linux, from basic desktop handling to configuring servers. They should be able to configure the network to talk to other computers in the network.

We will be providing help for them to find out how they need to do that. We will even teach them how to think and configure a network full of both Linux and even non-Linux systems in a heterogeneous scenario.

We will guide them how to install linux, how to configure it to behave the way you want. We will take a rational step to learn a much shouted steep learning curve associated with all variants of Unix/ Linux.

We will then proceed to Administration, Networking, and Security courses that are already in development; logically, when completed, these will effectively constitute a de facto 'certification' sequence. Here you will find resources that will help you to learn and mastermind linux.

LPI believes in the need for a standardized, multi-national, and respected program to certify levels of individual expertise in Linux. This program must be able to satisfy the requirements of Linux professionals, as well as organizations which would employ or contract them. Our goal is to design and deliver such a program from within the Linux community, using both volunteer and hired resources as necessary. We resolve to undertake a well-considered, open, disciplined development process, leading directly to the establishment of a recognized and widely-endorsed Linux certification body."

More coming soon. All your Linux quest will end here. Are you still full of .............

Then You will be learning about all these big Players very soon....

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